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AP-YF1201 Explosion-proof Static Meter

Product Features
Product Features

①Can be used in flammable and explosive environment

②Dual LED Precise Positioning

③Accurate Detection Distance



1. Instructions:

(1) Install the battery and switch on/off:

First open the battery cover on the back of the static meter and put in 2xAAA standard batteries in the package. Press switch button to open. See the picture above for details.

(2) Preparation before testing:

In order to ensure the normal use of the static meter, first confirm that the three-segment power display on the display screen is marked as full (or enough power) and the parameters reading on the screen are clearly visible. Check whether the various function buttons can be used normally. See the display function diagram for details:


①Corporate trademark ②Holding key open mark ③Test distance positioning mark ④Power display mark

⑤ Voltage value ⑥ Voltage unit ⑦ Test distance


Display function diagram

(3) Detecting static electricity on the surface of the object:

When using, the static detection window of the meter should be parallel to the surface of the object to be measured, and 25mm which is the standard detection distance should be kept away from the surface of the object to be measured. It is recommended to use a ruler for distance calibration if conditions permit.

After measuring the data, data hold button can be pressed to keep the measured data on the display. Press the data hold button repeatedly to resume the detection status.

2. Description of buttons:

Power: Short press to turn on (the screen displays ON), long press to turn off (the screen displays OFF)

Zero: long press to reset

BL: short press, turn the backlight on or off

WD: Short press, turn LED on or off focus

HOLD: Short press, the data remains unchanged; press again to resume real-time display

3. Caution:

1) Please read the instruction manual carefully before use in order to use the device correctly.

2) Please operate at the specified ambient temperature (-18 to 50 °C).

3) Do not touch the static detection window with a sharp object.

4) The display screen should not be stressed by external force to avoid breakage.

5) The product is strictly prohibited from touching water stains otherwise abnormalities may occur resulting in electric shock or fire.

6) Do not touch the static electricity detecting head during testing.

7) Ensure that the sensing window is free from particles and dust.

8) There should be no obstruction between the meter and the object to be inspected. Otherwise the accuracy of the test result will be affected.

9) There should be no electrical equipment that affects the meter within the test range. Otherwise, internal equipment and chip failure and damage may occur.

10) In order to accurately measure the charged object, the plane of the meter detection window shall be parallel to the surface of the object to be measured.

11) Turn on the power button for 5 seconds. Otherwise the data display may be unstable sometimes.

12) When the charged object is smaller than the calibration plate, the measured value is smaller than the actual electrostatic value of the charged object.

13) When the charged object is larger than the calibration plate, the measured value is larger than the actual electrostatic value of the charged object.

14) It is not allowed to reset under the status of static charge or in the static measurement process (non-electrostatic calibration process); if zero is adjusted during static test, the displayed electrostatic value will be zero.

15) Do not install in high-voltage equipment such as high-voltage power supply, electrostatic generator, ion generator, and consumer, high voltage will affect the performance and detection accuracy of the test.

16) If the detection range is exceeded, it may cause a product failure.

17) This meter is a precision device and should not be disassembled.

18) The product is subject to mechanical shocks such as drops and collisions which may cause malfunction.

19) It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the product without authorization. Internal maintenance and repair must be carried out by professionals.

20) The product is designed to detect static electricity on the surface of the object. It is strictly forbidden to use for other purposes. Any abnormal use may cause device malfunction, electric shock, fire and other hidden dangers.


4. Trouble-shooting sheet: 



Possible reason



LCD does not light up

Battery too low

Replace battery


The measured static voltage value is abnormal or the error is too large

There is high-voltage equipment, ionization equipment or strong electromagnetic equipment around.

Remove high voltage equipment, ionizing equipment or strong electromagnetic equipment.

Detection distance setting error

Detection distance is 25mm

Meter test orientation is not appropriate

Confirm the correct test orientation, the plane of the detection window is parallel to the surface of the object.


The product has an odor

Component burning

Return to factory for maintenance.


If there are other problems or if the problem can’t be solved through the above solutions, please contact the manufacturer or distributor.



1. Please store the equipment in a dark place when not in use in order to ensure the performance of the product.

2. Please replace battery when display is low in order to ensure the accuracy of the test data.

3. The equipment is a precision detector and should not be strongly shaken during use.


After-sale service

1. The electrostatic voltage test form undergoes rigorous testing and aging treatment before leaving the factory. The performance fully meets the standards written in the user manual.

2. Warranty: Within one year from the date of purchase, the company may replace any parts that have been inspected by the company. However, this warranty does not apply to the following:

(1) The device was used incorrectly;

(2) Inadvertent or accidental damage during use;

(3) Self-modification, disassembly, or repair by other service departments not authorized by Shanghai Anping.

3. AP&T does not assume any obligations related to this and the related responsibilities of product users, except for repair or replacement of parts within this regulation.

Packaging accessories

1. Warranty card × 1

2. Manual × 1

3. Certificate of conformity × 1

4. AAA battery × 2 

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