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Founded in 1999, Shanghai Anping Static Technology Co., LTD., is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services.

Professional static analysis, intelligent monitoring and elimination solutions provider.

Products are widely used in electronics, printing, packaging, textile, semiconductor, medical equipment, plastic film and many other industries.

We have reached cooperation with thousands of customers, including many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Our products 
have been sold to all over the world.

We are committed to providing high-quality products and services and creating value for our partners with our professional focus.
Company Culture
Professional, Focused,Innovative, Self-disciplined, Win-win, Grateful
Working hard to maximize customer benefits
Pursuing excellence and becoming the leader in the static industry
Make China's static eliminator products become the world's leading brands in the industry
Innovation, Rigorous; Grateful, Cooperation
In 1999,shanghai anping was founded.
In 2000, developed the first DC ion fan in China.
In 2003, the first AP&T AC ion bar was successfully developed.
In 2007, participated in the preparation of the national standard for "Electrical Industry Anti-static Engineering Construction and Quality Acceptance Specifications"
In 2008, the first domestic DC ion bar product came out. In 2008, the company obtained two invention patents: “Photoion Elimination Electrostatic Device and Method” and “Ion Fan Intelligent Control”.
In 2011, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. In 2011, the company obtained a "a portable electrostatic detection device and its electrostatic detection method" invention patent.
In 2012, covering overseas markets
In 2013, we cooperated with Shanghai Maritime University and Sinopec to develop a national research project for “line oil product online testing”. In 2013, the company participated in the preparation of the industry standard for the General Specification of Ion Fan Static Eliminator. In 2013, the company won the "electrode assembly for static eliminator" invention patent. In 2013, the company obtained a “static elimination device that can realize single-needle alternate output positive and negative DC high voltage”.
In 2014, it was designated as a qualified supplier of Sinopec. In 2014, the company obtained the “Air Purification Device Suitable for Removing Fine Particles in the Air under Household Environment Conditions”. In 2014, the company obtained “a method for removing fine particles in the air under the conditions of household environment”.
In 2015, the self-developed ion bar obtained the national explosion-proof certification (the first in China). In 2015, won the "a solar-powered electrostatic detection device" invention patent. In 2015, won the "one kind of ion fan or ion bar with electrostatic detection and feedback function" invention patent.
In 2016, the electrostatic sensor with independent intellectual property rights was born (the first in China). In 2016, won the "a pulsed DC ion bar based on safe working mode" invention patent.
In 2017, invest in the Indian market and establish a joint venture company. In 2017, the Guangdong branch was established.