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AP-AB1216 High Effective Anti Static Discharge Electrical Stick Ionizer Bar For UV Printer

Product Description
Working way
Product Description

Working way



Safety warning:

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing and using this equipment.

2. The entire set of equipment must be reliably grounded during use, otherwise it is easy to cause abnormal or even damage to the ion rod.

3. It is not suitable to use this equipment in the environment with> 70% humidity.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use this equipment in flammable and explosive environments.

5. Unauthorized disassembly of the product is strictly prohibited, and internal maintenance and repairs must be performed by professionals.

6. The product is strictly prohibited from touching water stains, otherwise an abnormality may occur, resulting in electric shock or fire.

7. Check or replace the product, you must turn off the power, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

8. The product is specially designed for removing static electricity. Other uses are strictly prohibited. Any abnormal use may cause hidden troubles such as machine failure, electric shock and fire.

9. It is strictly forbidden to touch the electrode needle when it is energized, otherwise it may cause malfunction and electric shock accident.

10. The discharge needle is a sharp metal object, please use it carefully.

11. Before the product is powered on, please check the specifications of the power supply. Any power supply that does not meet the specifications will cause damage or even failure to the product.

12. Please check the product power line / communication line regularly, and replace it immediately if it is damaged, otherwise it may cause problems such as leakage, poor communication and abnormal operation.

Use and installation:

1. Installation and use instructions:

(1) Choose the best location for eliminating electricity and install the rod firmly.

(2) Connect one end of the high flexible power cable to the DC24V adaptor , and insert one end of the aviation plug into the aviation socket on the rod body. The wiring and panel description are as follows: 

(3) Connect the air source connector on the bar body to the air source generating device, and turn on the air source switch.

(4) The power indicator lights up, and the panel lights green, ion bar is working. Adjust the appropriate air pressure and voltage output parameters, output positive and negative ions, and neutralize the static electricity on the object surface.

Technical tips:

(1) When using an ion rod, it should be placed in a work area where static electricity is eliminated, and the installation angle should be perpendicular to the surface of the charged body.

(2) The electrode around the ion rod should be at least 3cm away from the metal conductor and the metal grounding body. The rod body must be reliably connected to the grounding wire.

(3) The bar-shaped ground electrode of the ion rod is not allowed to cover other objects.

(4) It is better to install two ion bars side by side with an interval of more than 30cm, and more than 20cm away from obstacles such as walls. 

(5) The installation angle of ion bar can be adjusted:

Packing accessories:

1. Warranty card

2. Manual

3. Qualification certificate   

4. Mounting bracket

5. DC24V adaport

6. Power cable


Model No.      


Input Voltage

DC 24V

Input current




Working Voltage


Working method

Pulse AC

Emitter electrode


Discharge structure

Resistance coupling

Output frequency

1,3,5,10,20,30,50Hz(Factory setting:30Hz)

Duty Ratio


Working range      

L*W*H{Needle pitch 50mm);460-2960Needle pitch 50mm}*300*1000mm

Working distance


Ion balance


Discharge speed


Warning indicate

Power input indicatorHigh Voltage indicatorGreen is normalRed is abnormal

Status monitoring

 Series network monitoring / wireless monitoring

Airflow pressure


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